Warish (Riley Hawk) Premiere New Album Next to Pay: Stream

San Diego punk-metal band returns with its sophomore full-length

Warish Premiere New Album Next to Pay
Warish, via RidingEasy Records

    San Diego rockers Warish are premiering their new album, Next to Pay, a day prior to its release via Heavy Consequence. The LP arrives Friday (April 30th) via RidingEasy Records.

    The street-metal band is fronted by singer-guitarist Riley Hawk, son of skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, and boasts a raw, classic power-trio sound. Hints of Motörhead, Nirvana, and The Stooges can be heard in Warish’s punk-metal approach.

    The band don’t fall easily into any one category, swinging from metal to hardcore tempos to garage riffage, sometimes within the span of a single song.


    Hawk has called the new album “not the happiest record” and said it’s about a “sense of imminent doom, everyone is going to die” — generally appropriate subject matter for a heavy rock record. The satisfying tinges of ’80s punk that have crept in on Next to Pay further drive home the feeling of dread.

    “This album is more of an evolution, it’s a little more punk-heavy,” Hawk previously said. “We figured out what our sound was.”

    Original drummer Nick “Broose” McDonnell plays on half of the new album, with new drummer Justin de la Vega recording the remaining tracks. Meanwhile, bassist Alex Bassaj makes his first Warish LP appearance, having joined after the band’s debut.


    Pre-order Next to Pay via Bandcamp, RidingEasy Records, or Amazon. Stream the entire album below.

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