Consequence Announces Partnership with CREATV University, Shares Breaking Into the Industry Series: Watch

Fred Armisen, Nettwerk's A&R executive, Lady Gaga's former manager, and more explain how to make your mark in the music industry

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CREATV University with Music Manager Troy Carter, Comedian Fred Armisen, and Nettwerk Records A&R Executive Rachel Cragg

    Finding success as an artist in 2021 can feel, well, pointless. With so many industries experiencing major losses and seismic shifts, it’s easy to feel like the gate is locked shut (unless your parents are record executives). So we at Consequence feel it’s important to demystify the puzzle of the entertainment, media, and tech industries.

    To that end, we’re excited to announce our new partnership with CREATV University, an entirely new kind of entrepreneurial hub of learning, mentorship, collaboration, and democratized access and opportunity. Led by Peter Csathy, head of the Los Angeles-based tech and media advisory firm CREATV Media, the initiative is designed to help young artists, students, and aspiring industry professionals break through the metaphorical gate and seize their dream opportunities.

    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Peter has led numerous talks with major figures in music, film, television, media, and tech to break down their paths to success, hear their stories, and inspire the next generation of creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Among the guest speakers are Music Moguls and A&Rs, CEOs, Tech Entrepreneurs, and artists such as Clairo, Fred Armisen, and DEVO.


    Each week on Consequence, we’ll roll out a new set of videos on our CREATV University hub under one of these four categories:

    — Breaking Into the Industry
    — Making the Most of Streaming
    — Networking Do’s and Don’ts
    — Tech and Entertainment

    “In a short period of time, we have already changed countless young lives by giving them the opportunity to have crossed the velvet rope into the business with transformational industry relationships,” says Csathy. “I am thrilled that Consequence shares my passion for CREATV U’s mission. Consequence gives CREATV U the opportunity to significantly expand its reach and overall impact.

    We’re launching this exciting and informative new partnership with four videos on Breaking Into The Industry. Each path to success is different, and it’s always illuminating to hear how different creatives found initial success in uncertain environments. In these videos, you’ll learn how four different professionals from different corners of the industry took the first steps in their careers.


    Below, check out the clips featuring comedian, actor, and drummer Fred Armisen; Nettwerk Records A&R executive Rachel Cragg; Troy Carter, former manager to Lady Gaga and John Legend; and CEO of Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud streaming company Jeff Clanagan. Then come back to Consequence each week for more insider info on CREATV University.

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