CREATV University Presents the Do’s and Don’ts of Networking: Watch

Insights on making connections from the CEO of Reese Witherspoon's Hello Sunshine, the founder of Mondo Media, and others

Creatv University week 3 networking do's and dont's john evershed john skogmo sarah harden
CREATV University with Hello Sunshine CEO Sarah Harden, Mondo Media founder John Evershed, and Jukin’ Media CEO John Skogmo

    Consequence and CREATV University’s partnership continues today with a new series to help solve the puzzles of success in the entertainment, media, and tech industries. Our third topic in our collection of instructional videos, Networking: Do’s and Don’ts, launches with four new videos from some of the industry’s most powerful players.

    If you asked 100 people in Hollywood how to break into the media and entertainment industry, 90% of them would say one thing: “It’s all about who you know.” It’s a well known fact that the path to success in music, film, television, and beyond depends on how many people can create opportunities for you. Those people can be friends, old co-workers, current executives, or college peers. But how do you actually find success in networking? How do you pull it off during a Global Pandemic, where industries have been leveled and the opportunities to meet people in prospective fields are few and far between?

    For this week’s set of CREATV University videos, we’re sharing four clips from leading industry professionals and executives who provide insight on making meaningful connections and building strong relationships. In these videos, you’ll learn about remote networking and cold emailing, LinkedIn, mentors, and more.


    Check out clips featuring CEO of Jukin’ Media John Skogmo, Bulldog Digital Media Strategist (and former CREATV University student) Anum Khan, CEO of Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine company Sarah Harden, and Mondo Media founder John Evershed. Then come back to Consequence each week for more insider info from CREATV University.

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