Julianne Moore Is on a Dead Man’s Scavenger Hunt in First Trailer for Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story: Watch

Out June 4th on Apple TV+

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Lisey’s Story (Apple TV+)

    Julianne Moore goes on a dead man’s scavenger hunt in the new trailer for Lisey’s Story, an adaptation of Stephen King’s 2006 book that premieres June 4th on Apple TV+.

    King once called Lisey’s Story his favorite novel, and perhaps for that reason he chose to write the teleplays for all eight episodes himself. The story follows Lisey Landon, widow of the novelist Scott Landon (Clive Owen), whose attempts to go through her late husband’s papers not only sparks fantastical memories of their time together, but also earns the ire of a dangerous stalker (Dane DeHaan).

    The trailer finds her caught up in a Bool Hunt, which Lisey describes as, “Like a scavenger hunt Scott and his brother made up when they were kids.” As directed by Pablo Larraín, the adaptation flits between past, present, and — well, call it ‘other’ — with New England restraint giving way to saturated colors and tense, otherworldly lighting. You can watch it below.


    Elsewhere in King’s dominion, Steven Spielberg is bringing The Talisman to Netflix, Edgar Wright is directing The Running Man, and CBS recently mounted a miniseries adaptation of The Stand.


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