Oneohtrix Point Never and Rosalía Join Forces on “Nothing’s Special”: Stream

A new reworking of OPN's 2020 track of the same name

oneohtrix point never rosalia nothing's special new song stream
Oneohtrix Point Never and Rosalía, photo courtesty of artists

    Back in late 2018, Rosalía tantalized fans with a photo of her in the studio with Oneohtrix Point Never. Today, the duo have finally shared the product of their collaboration, “Nothing’s Special”, a new reworking of OPN’s 2020 track of the same name.

    Singing in Spanish, Rosalía puts her own spin on the lyrics after staying true to the first several lines of Oneohtrix Point Never’s original. Over OPN’s familiar atmospheric synths, she describes the pain of losing her best friend.

    “Estoy triste, perdí a mi mejor amigo/ Y la vida que vivimos ya no está,” she painfully sings. “Dicho eso aún me impresiona que no sea tan especial/ Si miras con el tiempo, verás má’.” In English, this translates to “I’m sad, I lost my best friend/ And the life we lived isn’t there anymore/ Having said that it still impresses me that it’s not that special/ If you look with time, you’ll see more.”


    In an Instagram post, Rosalía recalled her experience of working with Daniel Lopatin. She wrote,

    “Danieeeee!!! Omg I remember we met in Xmas 2018 and it was then we became friends and started making music together. Today I celebrate your music by singing one of your songs cause I always admired you, the energy in your songs, la bravura and your point of view in music + u’re one of the funniest most brillian people I’ve met in my life fr hahhjaj. Cant wait to make more music together :)”

    For Rosalía, the new song is just her latest high profile collaboration as the global superstar readies her upcoming album. Earlier this year, she teamed up with Billie Eilish on “Lo Vas a Olvidar” and performed “La Noche de Anoche” on Saturday Night Live with Bad Bunny.

    The original version of “Nothing’s Special” appears on Lopatin’s 2020 album, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, one of the best albums released last year.


    Check out the lyrics video below.

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