Rise Against have unleashed “The Numbers” as the latest single from their upcoming ninth studio album, Nowhere Generation. The song is the leadoff track on the LP, which arrives on June 4th.

“The Numbers” is an uptempo rocker that serves as an anthem for the working class, with lines like, “They have the power/ We have the numbers now/ It’s all just a constant illusion/ Of control
/ They break us like horses/ How long will we drag their plow?”

The song is accompanied by a music video created by Indecline, a collective comprised of “graffiti writers, filmmakers, photographers, full-time rebels, and activists.” A statement from Indecline reads, “‘The Numbers’ has given our collective another opportunity not only to work with a band we’ve looked to for inspiration since their early records, but also a chance to create the kind of strong visual content that aims to inspire and educate.”


It continues, “Beyond simply showcasing global protest movements, this video is to serve as a reminder that we are all living in a golden age of resistance and need to use our privileges to commit ourselves to wholeheartedly pulling the rope in the opposite direction. Or, to put it more bluntly, don’t be like your parents’ generation. Give a f**k and prove it.”

The new song follows the Nowhere Generation title track, which has entered the Top 20 of both the Mainstream and Alternative rock charts. Rise Against also previously released the album track “Broken Dreams, Inc.” this past September as part of DC’s Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack.

Pre-order Rise Against’s forthcoming album Nowhere Generation here, and watch the video for “The Numbers” below.