Founding Saliva Singer Josey Scott’s 29-Year-Old Son Dies from COVID-19

"We are absolutely heartbroken, confused, grief stricken, angry, just every emotion you can imagine"

Saliva Josey Scott son Cody dies
Josey Scott (publicity) and son Cody (Instagram)

    Tragic news from founding Saliva frontman Josey Scott, whose 29-year-old son Cody has just died after a battle with COVID-19. The singer shared the news on social media, saying that he and his family are “absolutely heartbroken, confused, grief stricken, angry, just every emotion you can imagine.”

    Josey, who fronted Saliva from their formation in 1996 through 2011, revealed the sad news on Instagram, writing, “I don’t even know where to begin in making this post. Our sweet Cody lost his fight with COVID tonight, and the Lord has called him home. We are absolutely heartbroken, confused, grief stricken, angry, just every emotion you can imagine. Please keep us in your prayers, as we have some difficult days ahead. We are trusting Jesus to bring us peace that passes all understanding.”

    A couple of weeks ago, the 49-year-old Josey first mentioned Cody’s COVID-19 battle, writing, “Please, everyone, I beg you to please pray for my son Cody. He is in the hospital in Memphis with COVID pneumonia. He is 29 years old. He is my life, and I believe G-d can heal him, I just need everyone within the sound of my voice, and the viewing of this message, to please, please pray for my beautiful baby boy! He has always been so loving, and kind, and he is an amazing human being, and we look forward to years and years more of the joy, and pleasure of his amazing presence, and company! Please remember my son in your prayers!”


    Sadly, Cody’s passing is a reminder that COVID-19 still poses a great danger, despite the country opening up on a grand scale in recent weeks. New reports reveal that more younger people in their 20s and 30s are being hospitalized with serious cases of COVID in recent weeks than senior citizens.

    Prior to the pandemic, reports had suggested that Josey Scott would be reuniting with Saliva, but those plans seem to have fallen apart. The band is continuing with singer Bobby Amaru, who replaced Josey in 2011 after the singer had quit the band to pursue a solo career in Christian music. During Josey’s tenure with the band, Saliva recorded seven LPs, including the double-platinum Every Six Seconds. Among their best-known hits are “Your Disease”, “Always”, “Click Click Boom” and “Ladies and Gentlemen”.

    Our condolences go out to Josey Scott and his family during this difficult time.



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