Shannon and the Clams are back to announce their sixth studio album Year of the Spider. The follow-up to 2018’s Onion drops August 20th, and the Bay Area rockers are heralding its coming with the new song “Midnight Wine”.

The Clams recorded Year of the Spider at the Nashville studio of their Easy Eye Sound label boss, Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. Auerbach has performance credits on the album, but if “Midnight Wine” is any indication, the garage quartet has maintained its idiosyncratic approach to genre.

Previous releases dipped a toe in punk and doo-wop, but “Midnight Wine” is a straight hit of acid from 1969. This psychedelic thumper opens with the line, “Under cover of black night/ I found a way to end my life,” and the lyrics don’t get cheerier from there.


A chorus of vocalists sing, “Pale and grey I find my way/ By streetlamps down to Hell/ For I was damned the day I was born/ To a daddy in a cell, to a daddy in a cell.” But almost all the time, a kick drum keeps up a steady heartbeat, and when the guitar solo starts to wail, you’d have to be more than a few minutes dead to keep from tapping your toes.

The song comes with an animated video directed by Cody Blanchard. With a color palette of purple, teal, and beige, it shows Shannon Shaw’s cartoon face, dancing devils, and more. You can check it out below.

This Friday, May 14th, Auerbach’s The Black Keys will be unveiling their new blues cover album Delta KreamAuerbach is also producing Yola’s upcoming LP Stand for Myself, which is due out July 30th.


Year of the Spider Artwork:

Year of the Spider Tracklist:
01. Do I Wanna Stay
02. All of My Cryin’
03. Midnight Wine
04. I Need You Bad
05. Year Of The Spider
06. In the Hills, in the Pines
07. Godstone
08. Snakes Crawl
09. Mary, Don’t Go
10. Leaves Fall Again
11. Flowers Will Return
12. Crawl
13. Vanishing