Stanning BTS: Smooth Like Butter

Kayla and Bethany discuss BTS' smooth new single

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    BTS churn the charts and melt our hearts with their new single “Butter”. In this episode of Stanning BTS, Kayla & Bethany break down the song’s smooth production, its buttery lyrical message, and unveil the music video’s symbolic scenes and visuals.

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    About Stanning BTS: Stanning BTS is a biweekly podcast that covers anything and everything having to do with BTS and ARMY. In each episode, Kayla and Bethany mix the perfect blend of research and fangirl. They take a deep dive into lyrics during album reviews, fangirl and theorize over music videos, and sometimes even retell a favorite fan-fic. Really, no BTS topic is off limits. Join the iconic ARMY to fangirl, laugh, and learn a little bit along the way.

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