The Mountain Goats Unveil New Song “The Slow Parts on Death Metal Albums”: Stream

The band's new album Dark in Here drops June 25th

the mountain goats slow parts on death metal albums new song single listen stream
The Mountain Goats, photo by Jade Wilson

    The Mountain Goats have unveiled the new song “The Slow Parts on Death Metal Albums” off their upcoming album, Dark in Here.

    “The Slow Parts on Death Metal Albums” is a reflective folk-rock tune, with Matthew Douglas playing a Wurlitzer electric piano as Marie Lewey Tomlinson and Cindy Richardson Walker sing back-up vocals. Lyrically, the protagonist searches for himself while driving to a metal concert. “Go where I’m not wanted,” John Darnielle sings, “Stand where the light hits hard/ Almost full-grown/ Drive home alone and listen to the slow parts.”

    In a Twitter thread, Darnielle talked about the personal nature of the song, explaining,

    “This is probably the most autobiographical song on the record; the narrator is me, driving in from Claremont to Long Beach to see metal shows at Fender’s during a stage of my life when I wasn’t really sure who I was

    “A time of being adrift, of being uncertain, a time with more fear of the unknown than hope for the future for me, I can see now. Anyway! That is what the song is about, and I know who I am now: I’m the singer from the Mountain Goats. Enjoy!”


    Dark in Here goes off June 25th on Merge and pre-orders are ongoing. Previously, the band shared the lead single “Mobile”. It will be the third album The Mountain Goats have released during the pandemic, following Songs for Pierre Chuvin and Getting Into Knives. In August group will be hitting the road on a North American tour, and tickets are available here.


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