The Offspring have shared the music video for their song “We Never Have Sex Anymore”. The humorous clip stars Full House actor John Stamos alongside chimpanzees that literally reenact the song’s lyrics.

The track hails from the punk-rock veterans’ latest album, Let the Bad Times Roll, and tells the tale of an aging couple who’ve lost the spark. In the video, the couple’s played by two chimpanzees with extraordinary acting abilities.

The husband chimp, dressed in a shirt and tie, comes home to his wife from work, but his sexual advances are rebuffed. When the wife chimp, donning a nightgown, tries to move in later in the evening, she’s greeted with the same indifference. And the cycle continues.


It all culminates when the husband chimp goes out with Stamos for a wild night at the strip club. The two high-give before tossing some bills on the stage, after which the dancer gives our sexually beleaguered chimp a much needed piggyback ride. The Offspring have nailed these kinds of suburban archetypes in their songs for years, often with entertaining videos to boot.

The band is riding high after dropping Let the Bad Times Roll last month. The LP hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Alternative Albums chart and No. 2 on the Top Rock Albums chart. It marked The Offspring’s first full-length album in nearly a decade.

Watch the video for “We Never Have Sex Anymore” below, and pick up The Offspring’s Let the Bad Times Roll here.


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