Last we heard from former child pop star Aaron Carter, he was doing porn. On Saturday night, the 33-year-old Carter briefly resurfaced to participate in a celebrity boxing match against former NBA player Lamar Odom. I say “briefly,” because it took Odom all of two minutes to knock out Carter.

In Carter’s defense, at 6-foot-10 Odom stands a full foot taller than Carter and is more than 65 pounds heavier. As soon as the two appeared next to one another in the ring, it was evident Odom would have no trouble putting down the noted face tattoo and gun enthusiast.

That said, Carter talked a whole lot of shit prior to the fight, likening himself to Apollo Creed and promising to drop Odom “like a bat habit, and I meant that.”

Once the match began, Odom allowed Carter to flail his arms for a few seconds before the basketball player repeatedly landed head shot after head shot. In a last-ditch effort, Carter aimlessly twirled around the ring, but ultimately found himself on the mat after Odom connected some final blows. Watch all the highlights (??) below.


The fight was the main event for a celebrity boxing promotion hosted by Ice-T and his wife Coco.