Channing Tatum, Simon Pegg, Killer Mike Star in First Trailer for America: The Motion Picture: Watch

A wildly tongue-in-cheek animated revisionist history from the producers of Archer and Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse

America The Motion Picture trailer animated movie video new film Channing Tatum Simon Pegg Killer Mike Andy Samberg America: The Motion Picture (Netflix)
America: The Motion Picture (Netflix)

    Forget about the history books. Netflix’s new animated comedy is ready to set the record straight when it comes to the formation of the US and our founding fathers. It’s called America: The Motion Picture and features an all-star voice cast led by Channing Tatum as George Washington. Watch the newly revealed trailer below.

    Billed as “the untold, totally legit, historically accurate origins of America,” America: The Motion Picture is a feature-length film satirizing the American Revolution. It comes from the producers of Archer (Matt Thompson) and Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse (the inimitable Phil Lord and Chris Miller), with Thompson directing from a script penned by Wonder Woman writer Dave Callahan. In addition to starring in the lead role, Tatum is an executive producer alongside Magic Mike writer Reid Carolin.

    “For, like, thousands of years, the origins of the United States of America have remained shrouded in mystery, lost to the sands of time,” reads the film’s official synopsis. “Who built this ‘country tis of thee,’ and why? Only the dinosaurs know… until now. For the first time in human history, the incredible, completely true story of America’s origins are revealed in America: The Motion Picture — a once-in-a-lifetime cultural event available the only way the Founding Fathers ever intended their story be told.”


    America: The Motion Picture is truly stacked with talent when it comes to its voice cast. Simon Pegg stars as King James, Judy Greer is playing Martha Dandridge, Bobby Moynihan portrays Paul Revere, and Raoul Trujillo voices Geronimo. The ensemble cast also includes Killer Mike (!), Jason Mantzoukas, Olivia Munn, Will Forte, and Andy Samberg as “America’s sweethearts”.

    In the trailer, viewers get a pretty good idea of what to expect from the movie. Tatum’s version of George Washington is incredibly muscular, full of swears, and capable of some already memorable one-liners (“What the fuck is a car?”). We also get a good glimpse of Killer Mike’s character as the guy responsible for that crack in the Liberty Bell, some drunken idiots around town, and Washington’s rag-tag crew that’s capable of warping science to create laser beams. It basically looks like a mashup of Team America: World Police and Hamilton, which is to say a whole lot of people will probably be interested in it.

    Luckily, fans won’t have to wait long at all to watch America: The Motion Picture. The film is scheduled to hit Netflix later this month on June 30th.


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