Saturday Night Live alumnus Chris Kattan was booted from an American Airlines flight on Monday when he refused to wear his mask correctly. Apparently in the process he frightened several of his fellow first-class passengers.

Kattan was scheduled to fly to LAX from the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. According to TMZ, he was “stumbling and seemed sick” when boarding the plane, in part because “he had mucous hanging out of his nose when he leaned over.” Kattan was not wearing a mask at that point, so passengers alerted flight attendants about the potential health risk. The airline staff quickly handed Kattan paper towels and ordered him to put a mask on.

Technically, Kattan put a mask on over his mouth, but refused to properly wear it over his nose as well. The federal mask mandate is still in place for air travel, which means he was not complying with the well-known and clearly outlined rules. As such, flight attendants asked him multiple times to pull his mask up ASAP and he refused.


After some back and forth, Kattan allegedly “begged” flight attendants not to kick him off the plane and “asked if they’d seen him on SNL.” Unsurprisingly, the staffers did not give him special privileges and warned him that they would have to call the cops if he didn’t comply. That’s when the actor finally got up and left the plane, dripping snot and all.

Following his work on Saturday Night Live from 1996 to 2003, Kattan went on to star in comedy movies like A Night at the Roxbury, Corky Romano, and Monkeybone. Despite his celebrity status, he, like everyone else around the world, should do his part to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The last thing we need are more preventable deaths, and the tragic number of people we’ve lost already to COVID-19 — folk legend John Prine, Milli Vanilli vocalist John Davis, Gilligan’s Island’s Dawn Wells, the list goes on — is evidence of such.