A remake of Stephen King’s classic horror story Christine is on the way from Blumhouse Productions and Sony Pictures. What’s more, Deadline notes the project has already found its director in Bryan Fuller, the creator behind TV’s Hannibal and Pushing Daisies.

In addition to directing, Fuller will write the screenplay, which he’ll reportedly keep grounded in the 1980s and the book’s original plot. Joining the team as producers are Jason Blum, Vincenzo Natali, and Steven Hoban.

King’s titular novel came out back in 1983 and was famously adapted for the screen that same year by the legendary John Carpenter. The story centers around a shy teenager who starts fixing up a ’58 Plymouth Fury and finds that doing so helps him come out of his shell. However, the car has a mind of its own, and soon things begin to get more dangerous than he ever expected. It’s one of the most iconic King stories from the ’80s — which speaks volumes because there are quite a lot of tales from that era.


Christine marks the third King picture from Blumhouse. The fan-favorite production house turned the short story “Gramma” into 2014’s Mercy, and cameras recently went up on their remake of Firestarter starring Zac Efron.

Fans of King’s work have gotten plenty of treats these past few months when it comes to adaptations. CBS recently rolled out their great remake of The Stand last year, and Apple TV just dropped their gorgeous Lisey’s Story miniseries last week. More are on the way, too. Edger Wright announced he’s working on an adaptation of The Running Man and Steven Spielberg is partnering with Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers for a Netflix series rendition of The Talisman