As Conan O’Brien rolls up his final week on Conan, he found himself in a bit of a sticky-icky situation: Seth Rogen introducing him to the art of weed.

The moment kicked off when O’Brien admitted he didn’t know exactly what he planned to do following the end of his long-running late-night show. “Yeah, I think you do have time on your hands,” Rogen commented before advising, “I would suggest — this is going to be hilariously on-brand — try smoking a lot of weed for a long time.”

O’Brien took his pal’s idea in stride, confirming Rogen’s follow-up guess that he doesn’t typically smoke. “I don’t smoke any weed, and that’s not a judgment…I enjoy my lucidity,” he said, to which his guest hilariously quipped, “Never a sentence I’ve even thought in my life.”

Referring to weed as a “fine herb,” the talk show host went on to explain that on the rare occasion he’d tried smoking, “nothing really happened.”

“But I know that you own a weed company,” he continued. “So you might be able to tell me, maybe I was smoking the wrong stuff, I don’t know. You know me. What would you want me smoking?”


At this, Rogen revealed a joint he just so happened to be holding in the pocket of his shirt and offered it to the host, much to the delight of the audience, who burst into applause. “I swear to god, this is how lame I am. For a second I thought, ‘He brought a birthday candle?'” O’Brien joked before lighting up and taking a puff of Rogen’s joint — though not before the Pineapple Express star informed him that he was holding it the wrong way.

Following the impromptu smoke session, Rogen took to Twitter to let his followers know the moment was entirely off the cuff. “I smoked weed with @ConanOBrien his show and was legit terrified that I got him too high haha. (This was a surreal and shocking moment for me and was genuinely unplanned),” he tweeted.

Watch O’Brien smoke with Rogen below.