Click on over to Vans’ Channel 66 for the latest episode of Consequence’s bi-weekly livestream show, Under the Tracks. Broadcasting June 28th, this week’s episode finds host NNAMDÏ welcoming the co-founders of some of Chicago’s most beloved indie labels to celebrate the city’s underground sounds.

Chicago has long been known as a nurturing home for creators, and The Numero Group and Hausu Mountain have been some of their strongest supporters over the years. Over a trio of 45-minute DJ sets, NNAMDÏ and his guests will ride the rails to tour the underground scene these labels have helped thrive.

First up is Doug Kaplan and Max Allison, the co-founders of Hausu Mountain. Originally started as a way to release music from their own projects (Good Willsmith, Pepper Mill Rondo, MrDougDoug, Mukqs), the Hausu label eventually grew as the pair met more passionate artists through touring the DIY scene. The music released under the Hausu Mountain banner is vastly diverse, but there’s always one constant: It’s all about finding ways to both challenge and entertain listeners simultaneously.


Also appearing this week is The Numero Group co-founder Rob Sevier. Birthed nearly 17 years ago, the label specializes in digging through the crates of musical history to pull out unrecognized classic from the 1960s through the 1990s. Sevier has a particular focus in dance floor obscurities from American soul and funk, reggae and AOR, plus sounds coming from Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. He’s earned a reputation as one of the most fascinating international DJs, picking up six Grammy nominations for his work at Numero along the way.

It’s clear the pedigree of underground sounds is rich with this lot, so expect a truly enlightening deep dive when Under the Tracks takes to the airwaves live from House of Vans Chicago on Channel 66 this Monday, June 28th from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. CT. Be sure to stay tuned for future installments of Under the Tracks from Consequence.