In a grand old ballroom, Dua Lipa channels the great North American tradition of rodeo in her new music video for “Love Again”.

The track appeared on 2020’s Future Nostalgiaan album-length confetti drop which became one of our favorite records of the year. “Love Again” is the sixth single, and this time the British-Albanian pop star is slapping on a ten-gallon hat and hopping in the saddle — though that saddle isn’t connected to livestock. In this campy rodeo fantasy, the bulls are made of plastic and the clowns wrangle a giant egg. Lipa wears out plenty of floorboards line dancing, and at one point she wields a neon lasso that would do Wonder Woman proud. Check out the video below.

This isn’t Lipa’s only release today; her new song “Can They Hear Us” appears on the official soundtrack to Gully. Earlier this year she dropped Future Nostalgia: The Moonlight Edition. Afterwards she performed at the Grammys, where Future Nostalgia and its singles were nominated for six categories.