Back in 2017, Cartoon Network decided to bring Jeff Rosenstock onboard to score their new animated TV series Craig of the Creek. Little did they know, several years later the ska-punk icon would earn a coveted Emmy Awards nomination for his work.

Yesterday it was announced that Craig of the Creek has been nominated for Outstanding Children’s Animated Series alongside Amphibia, Hilda, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, and Tales of Arcadia: Wizards at the 2021 Daytime Emmy Awards. Because Cartoon Network submitted the show’s musical episode “In the Key of the Creek” in particular, that means the whole crew who worked on it — Tara Helfer and Ashley Tahilan who wrote and storyboarded that episode, the show’s creators and producers, the tireless animators, behind-the-scenes editors, voice actors, and Rosenstock — are all being honored for their work to bring the episode to life.

“CRAIG OF THE CREEK NOMINATED FOR AN EMMY! THE EPISODE THAT WAS SUBMITTED WAS THE MUSICAL EPISODE!! DON’T @ ME I’M DEAD,” tweeted Rosenstock on Monday afternoon. “Big congratulations to the Creek crew, the best crew in the history of television, where’s the award for that huh?!?!?!”


In a statement to Consequence, Rosenstock clarified that he was not nominated individually for his music on Craig of the Creek, but rather the whole team behind the show was. “The musical was nominated, but the songs and lyrics are only one part of the episode,” he explained. “The storyboarding, design, animation, voice acting, writing, editing, and production are all just as big a part of this honor!”

Rosenstock is in good company when it comes to musicians who’ve been honored at the Emmys. Last year alone saw Trent Reznor, Beastie Boys, and Kamasi Washington all nominated for awards. Before that, Beyoncé and Bruce Springsteen both scooped up Emmy nominations. Rosenstock has been churning out excellent albums for over 15 years now and it goes without saying that he not only deserves this nod, but is long overdue to become a household name in a similar way as these other artists, too.


The Bruce Lee Band musician is hitting the road later this year in support of his excellent new album NO DREAM and its ska reworking SKA DREAM. Check out the complete list of tour dates and grab discounted tickets to see the Emmy-nominated Rosenstock live here. Don’t forget to check out the recent installment of Peer 2 Peer featuring Rosenstock and Bruce Lee Band’s Mike Park, too.