Nandi Bushell is 11 now, and like any self-respecting wunderkind with a massive online following, she’s hosting jam sessions with some of the brightest stars of today. Bushell has shared a new instrumental cover of “I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor” by Arctic Monkeys, and her performance is accompanied by actual Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders.

“Matt Helders came to my house for a cup of Tea and a Jam with me,” Bushell wrote on Instagram. “We had the best time! We jammed loads of songs together and had a lot of fun improvising drum beats.” They also played Arctic Monkeys songs, which begs a question: if you play a band’s songs with members of the band, is it still a cover, or is it more of an audition? Asking for Alex Turner.

The new performance of “I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor” sees Bushell shredding through a guitar solo while Helders holds down the rhythm section. Afterwards she tears through the song’s chords, and as the track reaches its conclusion, she lets slip a smile warm enough to melt ice cubes in December. Check it out below.


Bushell has also promised versions of “Brainstorm” and “R U Mine”, along with an interview with Helders that includes an “improvisational jam.” Those collaborations are coming soon. In the meantime, revisit all the times Bushell blew our minds, along with her most recent cover of Linkin Park’s “Numb”.