Although currently out on bond for a Miami arrest that includes charges of battery against a police office, Polo G isn’t slowing down promo for his new album, The Hall of Fame. Last night, the Chicago rapper appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden to perform the track “So Real”.

Prior to taking the remote stage, Polo G spoke with Corden about his album’s stacked list of features, as well as his sponsoring of a children’s basketball team in his hometown. “I just wanted to give them the same things that I had in my childhood, just to really keep them out of trouble,” the rapper said.

After the brief chat, Polo G delivered a simple sit-down rendition of “So Real”. Backed by a full band, Polo sat on a stool while white, blue, and purple lights danced around him. The most interesting aspect of the whole thing may have been the lighting design, but it was fitting for “So Real, one of the more intimate tracks on Hall of Fame.


Watch the replay below.