If you’ve been hoping that Quentin Tarantino still has a bunch of movies left in him, don’t hold your breath: the filmmaker has doubled down on his intent to retire after his next feature film. He confirmed this on a recent appearance on Real Time With Bill Maher to promote his new Once Upon a Time in Hollywood companion novel.

“You’re too young to quit,” Maher told 58-year-old Tarantino. “You’re at the top of your game.” The director-screenwriter responded: “That’s why I want to quit! Because I know film history, and from here on end, directors do not get better.

Tarantino continued: “Working for 30 years, doing as many movies as I’ve done — which isn’t as many as other people — but, that’s a long career. That’s a really long career, and I’ve given it everything I have.”


As far as plans for his final film, the Kill Bill mastermind hasn’t shared any concrete details. “I actually have considered doing a remake of Reservoir Dogs as my last movie,” he said, referring to his 1992 debut. “I won’t do it, internet, all right? But I considered it.” Watch the interview clip below.

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