The singles are always horny on dating shows, but never has that horniness been presented quite so literally as in the new trailer for Netflix‘s Sexy Beasts.

You might be wondering if this is even a real show, but we’re not kitten. Like a crossover between a Furries convention and The Island of Doctor Moreau, Sexy Beasts disguises it’s conventionally-attractive contestants under prosthetics and pounds of makeup. Most potential mates are presented as an animal of one kind or another, though devils, aliens, and various hard-to-describe others also make appearances.

The idea is to put the emphasis on conversation, with the trailer asking, “Could you fall in love based on personality alone?” Some have blowholes and are looking for a partner to bring porpoise to their life, while others are seeking a nice ox who doesn’t yak too much. It’s an extremely seal-y premise that guarantees some heavy petting, and you can check it out below.


Sexy Beasts…okay, Netflix. #greenscreen #tv #sexybeasts #wtf #foryou #foryoupage

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