The Bronx have shared the motorcycle-themed video for new song “Curb Feelers” ahead of their upcoming album Bronx VI, out August 27th.

The band has released a few singles in support of the new LP, but this is the first one to get a music video. Considering The Bronx’s brand of rollicking punk rock sounds like music we’d listen to while riding a motorcycle, the new clip is a fitting marriage.

“Every Bronx record has a backbone track, a sonic anchor that sets the tone for the entire album,” vocalist Matt Caughthran said via a press release. “‘Curb Feelers’ is the rock that the rest of the record breaks itself against.”

The latest single from Bronx VI continues the album’s impressive rollout. Each of the LP’s 11 songs is being issued as a standalone 7” vinyl single, so hardcore fans can collect the record piecemeal. Each 7” touts unique graphics from artists such as DabsMyla, Brian Montoiri, and Jeremy Dean. The sleeve for “Curb Feelers” features photography by Estevan Oriol.


The Bronx also recently teamed up with San Diego-based Fall Brewing Company for the “Watering the Well” band-themed lager. It’s a day-friendly beer (4% ABV) with a can sporting the band’s famous vampire fangs iconography.

You can catch the L.A. band on the road in support of Rancid and Dropkick Murphys’ co-headlining US tour kicking off in August. Tickets are available here.

Pre-order Bronx VI via Amazon. Watch the video for The Bronx’s new song “Curb Feelers” below.