The Killers just won’t stop killing it. Less than a year after the release of their most recent album Imploding the Mirage, drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. has announced that their next LP is arriving this August. Details are scarce, but he did call the upcoming release “a bit of a concept record,” and “very different.”

The news came in an interview with the podcast and YouTube show Sarah Hagan Backstage. Hagan brought up Imploding the Mirage, and she could scarcely get through the exposition of “you guys came out with an album last year,” before Vannucci jumped in.

“Last August,” he said, adding, “We have another one coming out this August.”

The rocker then spoke about a collection of songs left over from the Mirage sessions, before confirming that they don’t appear on the upcoming album. “Well, weirdly enough, we had this stockpile of songs that were sort of orphans off of the last record, but we’re saving that for the next record. We instead made another record which is quite — a bit of a concept record. Very different from the normal Killers stuff.”


He added, “So we still have that stockpile left, and we’re still writing more. It’s always good to have a few songs – or an album, even – lying around, just in case.” Check out the full conversation below, with the relevant album details beginning around the 43:00 mark.

It’s believed that Dave Keuning, who was absent from Imploding the Mirage, will return for this new album. He was spotted in the studio with the rest of The Killers in videos and photographs posted to the band’s social media.

It’s been a busy day for The Killers, who just debuted a reworked version of “A Dustland Fairytale” called “Dustland” and featuring none other than Bruce Springsteen. With that performance, frontman Brandon Flowers showed that he had mostly recovered from having shoulder surgery after an unfortunate bike accident earlier this year.