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John Lodge of The Moody Blues hops on the line with Kyle Meredith to talk about his new solo EP, On Reflection. The legendary singer-bassist tells us about the lead single, “The Sun Will Shine”, and the emphasis that positivity plays within his music, as well as how he used the lockdown to explore his past for inspiration.

Speaking of the past, this year marks 40 years for The Moody Blues’ album The Long Distance Voyager, and Lodge discusses what draws musicians to write about space, especially as we find ourselves in an age of renewed interest. He also talks live music, from the upcoming live LP The Royal Affair and After that spotlights his 2019 tour with Yes and Asia, to next year’s Flower Power Cruise that will see him play alongside Procol Harum, The Hollies, and The Zombies.

Kyle Meredith With… is an interview series in which WFPK’s Kyle Meredith speaks to a wide breadth of musicians. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Meredith digs deep into the artist’s work to find out how the music is made and where their journey is going, from legendary artists like Robert Plant, Paul McCartney, U2, and Bryan Ferry, to the newer class of The National, St. Vincent, Arctic Monkeys, Haim, and Father John Misty.


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