As the Philadelphia 76ers face off against the Atlanta Hawks for a place in the Eastern Conference Finals, Philly’s own Tierra Whack is pulling up from way downtown with the new basketball-inspired single “76”.

The gameplan is a full-on Whack Attack, with the help of thunderous drums that recall a pep rally marching band. She dribbles between names big names and small, repping a squad that’s “Been winning, just ask Ben Simmons,” with the aid of “Embiid, big steppa stampede.” Even past players come into play, as Whack pauses to foul Allen Iverson for a team that will “Practice from start to finish.” Check out “76” below.

In April Whack released “Link”, her first song of 2021. Last year she dropped the double singles “feel good” and “Peppers and Onions”, as well as “Dora”, one of our favorite songs of 2020.