Owen Wilson has sort of, kind of confirmed rumors that Wedding Crashers 2 could go into production this year. In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, the Loki actor said “they’re definitely talking about doing it” in reference to the sequel to the 2005 comedy classic.

Earlier this week, the industry publication Production Weekly reported Wedding Crashers 2 was in development with HBO Max. According to the listing, the shoot is to begin August 2021 on location in Puerto Rico, with original cast members Vince Vaughn, Isla Fisher, and Rachel McAdams returning as well.

When asked about the rumor, Owen responded, “I don’t think it’s 100 percent, but they’re definitely talking about doing it. We’ll see!” Wilson’s answer aligns with teases by director David Dobkin and the primary cast last year.


“Just recently, we’ve been more seriously discussing a sequel to Crashers, [Owen Wilson] and myself and the director and a producer,” Vaughn told Yahoo in November 2020. “There’s an idea that’s a good idea… for the first time, there’s kind of an original thought.”

In July 2020, Dobkin revealed he has “an idea that really stuck in my mind” while speaking to Entertainment Weekly. He said,

“Ten or more years later, all of a sudden these guys are in their mid to late 40s and they end up single — what do they do? That’s interesting to me, because I know guys in their mid to late 40s who have ended up single, whether it’s out of marriages that didn’t work out or they just didn’t find anyone to marry, and it’s a head trip for men, the idea of maybe I’m not going to be a dad, maybe I’m not going to be married. So it became a real cultural question and it yielded an interesting kind of center to the movie.”

Dobkin added that the Wedding Crashers team wasn’t in a rush to make a sequel. “Vince, Owen, and I sat down at one point early on, when they were pressuring us to come up with something, and we had a lot of fun, but we realized we were remaking the same movie again and we really didn’t want to do that,” he explained. “I believe in sequels that are new and appropriate, and I don’t think there’s a time limit of chasing what that is.”


One month earlier, Ferrell said Wedding Crashers 2 was being written while promoting his Netflix movie, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, with McAdams. Fisher also expressed interest in the sequel.

The original movie starred Vaughn (Jeremy Grey) and Wilson (John Beckwith) as a pair of friends who spend their summers crashing weddings and bedding ladies. The film also starred Christopher Walken, Bradley Cooper, Jane Seymour, and featured a memorable cameo from Will Ferrell. Released July 15th, 2005, it raked in more than $200 million in the US alone, making it the highest-grossing domestic film that year.

Whether or not the report is 100 percent on the mark, all signs point to the Wedding Crashers team reuniting sooner rather than later.