Weezer brought their Van Weezer song “I Need Some of That” to Late Night with Seth Meyers, in a performance that saw them flexing — literally — through the track.

Frontman Rivers Cuomo doesn’t have much to do during the verses, and he compensated with some arm gestures. For the lyric, “Summertime, I press rewind,” he mimed the push of a button, and when he sang, “Listening to Aerosmith,” his hands became headphones around his years. When it came time for “plugging in to a Marshall stack,” he threw up a bicep muscle — or at the very least, he displayed the part of the arm where a bicep muscle can usually be found. Check out Weezers’ “I Need Some of That” below.

This is but the latest late night stop on the Van Weezer promotional tour, which included a recent rendition of  “All the Good Ones” on Fallon. The rockers will be heading out on an actual tour later this year, and it’s a doozy: the “Hella Mega” Tour with Green Day and Fall Out Boy. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster or on the secondary market here. Earlier this month, Weezer did something that almost no other band would even attempt: they took a shit on Pitchfork in a new song for a skate-boating video game.