In what could be a whole chapter in a Rivers Cuomo biography, Weezer have unveiled the new Pitchfork diss track “Tell Me What You Want” at Summer Game Fest, an annual showcase for upcoming video games. The song plays inside a level of Wave Break, which was described in an official statement as, “the world’s first skateBOATING game.”

“This is a message that my manager wouldn’t approve,” Cuomo begins. “After this song he’ll have a lot of cleaning up to do/ Don’t be influenced by an office full of dorks/ I won’t mention any names,” — and here the Weezer frontman coughs twice — “Pitchfork.”

Throughout, the camera cuts between members of Weezer and footage of Wave Break, and so the angry words are paired with pixelated cartoons skateboating across the screen. Cuomo sings, “Tell me what you want/ If it’s gonna make you happy/ I’ll give you my guitar/ Show me all your hot licks/ Damn that’s good.”


“Tell Me What You Want” is a response to Pitchfork’s 5.9 review of the band’s new album Van Weezer, as well as every non-classic review the site has given Weezer since about 2005. After more than a decade of nothing but 4’s, 5’s and 6’s, Cuomo has done something that his “manager wouldn’t approve.”

Check out the Summer Game Fest performance below. “Weezy Mode”, a Wave Break level centered around “Tell Me What You Want”, will be playable tomorrow when the game launches on Steam and Switch. It’ll also be available to stream on DSPs.

Later this summer, Weezer will embark on the “Hella Mega” Tour with Green Day and Fall Out Boy. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster or on the secondary market here.