The jury has reached a verdict, and they’ve concluded that Batman giving oral sex to Catwoman is officially DC canon. The jury, in this case, is none other than filmmaker Zack Snyder of Zack Snyder’s Justice League fame, who is arguably the most qualified person to speak on issues pertaining to the DC Extended Universe — even its characters’ sex lives. On Thursday, the director tweeted an explicit illustration of Batman going down on Catwoman, simply captioned “Canon.” And there you have it, folks!

If you need a refresher on why this is supposedly important, one of the creators behind HBO Max’s Harley Quinn series recently went on record saying that the folks at DC headquarters made them cut a scene in which Batman and Catwoman were getting it on, allegedly saying that “heroes don’t do that.” Now that Snyder has weighed in, maybe DC will finally realize that it’s possible for heroes to satisfy their partners and save the world all in the same night. See the very cursed illustration below, if you dare.

For now, Snyder has moved on from the joyfully living to Army of the Dead, his new zombie caper for Netflix. And for DC’s part, the comic creators are currently doubling-down on family friendly animation, with DC League of Super-Pets and new cartoons centered on Batman and Superman in the works.