Late AC/DC singer Bon Scott would have turned 75 on July 9th, and the occasion is being marked with testimonials from his musical peers, a revamped official website, and more.

The legendary rock vocalist tragically died on February 19th, 1980, of acute alcohol poisoning at the young age of 33. He left behind a legacy that included AC/DC’s masterful early albums, including Highway to Hell, Powerage, T.N.T., and more. Amazingly, the band rebounded almost immediately, recruiting Brian Johnson as their new singer, and releasing the mega-selling Back in Black just five months after Scott’s death.

To mark his 75th birthday, the singer’s estate is now overseeing his official website. A statement reads: “On the occasion of what would have been his 75th birthday, the Bon Scott Estate (his two brothers and his nephew) are proud to launch the new website and take this important step toward elevating Bon’s legend and tending to his legacy. Bon was a unique singer, songwriter and character that the world should never forget.”

Additionally, the estate has compiled a playlist of Scott’s complete recordings on Spotify, as embedded below.

Moreover, a number of music luminaries have issued new testimonials in honor of his 75th birthday. His bandmate Angus Young simply stated, “Fond memories of our ‘lightning flash in the middle’ Bon, who would be 75 today.”


Judas Priest’s Rob Halford said, “Bon’s attitude demeanor and front man swagger gave him the Everyman persona that the world loved him for. His voice look and on stage character drew us all in — there’s an unmatched uniqueness that solidifies Bon’s legendary status in rock ‘n’ roll.”

And singer Steve Perry recalled the time when AC/DC opened up for Journey, remarking, “There he was, Bon Scott with a bottle of Jack, no shirt, Levis and cowboy boots, singing like a cross between Steve Marriott and a Cat. His voice was so f**king powerful that he changed me for ever. He lived what he was.”

Relive the greatness that was Bon Scott on his 75th birthday by listening to his complete recordings, including his work with his pre-AC/DC bands The Valentines and Fraternity, below.