Not only are BTS arguably the most popular K-pop group of all time, they’re also one of the most influential bands around the world right now. BTS recently scored their fourth No. 1 single with “Butter,” and according to an interview in Billboard, the track’s huge success has had led to an increased awareness of, yes, butter.

Alan Bjerga, the Chief of Communications for the American Butter Institute, recently told Billboard that he was elated to discover a song about butter was dominating the radio charts. Within a week of the single’s release, “Butter” was a bonafide global hit, and so were its accompanying visuals, including an hour-long promotional video of an animated stick of butter melting.

“My main reaction was, ‘Great!’ It obviously doesn’t hurt to have your product associated with the top band’s song of the summer,” said Bjerga. “Like BTS says, ‘it’s smooth…’ The future of U.S. butter sales is in exports, and to have arguably the biggest band on the globe giving a thumbs-up in song can’t be anything but good.”


“It’s funny that the timing is now,” continued Bjerga, drawing a connection to the data charts. Butter has been growing in popularity for the past decade and, according to the most recent national stats per capita, butter consumption is currently at its highest point since the 1960s. It’s hard to imagine the “Butter” music video hasn’t contributed to that flare-up, although maybe we’re just biased.

Bjerga considers himself to be a grunge rock fan more than anything else, but he can’t help but respect BTS and their impressive world takeover. In the Billboard interview, the American Butter Institute representative declared that BTS exemplify the best of boy-band traditions, outdoing Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, and other ’90s staples in an “incredibly exciting” way.

“Butter” is still getting heavy airplay, including a spectacular live rendition for SiriusXM, but these days BTS have their sights set on their next single: the Ed Sheeran co-write “Permission to Dance.” With Funko Pop figures on their shelves and an in-depth podcast tracking their every move, BTS are rocketing forward faster than ever before. Stay tuned to Consequence for updates about the next steps in their thrilling journey.