Although we certainly can’t imagine why anyone would feel the urge to flee planet Earth at a time like this, outer space has been a hot commodity lately. Just last week, Virgin founder Richard Branson took a suborbital trip on Virgin Galactic’s space plane, making him the first billionaire to leave Earth aboard his own spacecraft. Ashton Kutcher was set to be one of the company’s first commercial passengers, but per the advice of his wife Mila Kunis, he sold his ticket.

Via Cheddar News, Kutcher purchased a ticket in 2012 that granted him access to one of Virgin Galactic’s flights. But a lot can change in nine years that could affect a person’s decision to leave Earth. In 2015 the actor married Kunis — his That ‘70s Show co-star — and they now have two children together.

“When I got married and had kids, my wife basically encouraged [me] that it was not a smart family decision to be heading into space when we have young children,” Kutcher told Cheddar. “I was supposed to be on the next flight. I will not be on the next flight, but at some point, I’m going to space.” Watch the interview clip below.


The space race continues, even if Kutcher isn’t part of it yet. Just today, July 20th, Jeff Bezos took a historic 10-minute spin on the first spacecraft built by his company Blue Origin.

Last year, Punk’d — the iconic celebrity prank show Kutcher co-created and hosted in the 2000s — got a reboot starring Chance the Rapper.