BTS are the masters of doing two things at once, whether that’s singing and dancing, or almost singlehandedly propping up The Tonight Show while promoting infrastructure projects in South Korea. For their latest appearance on Fallon, the Bangtan Boys not only spread the good news about their smash hit “Butter,” they also served as a soft open for Seoul’s long-delayed World Cup Bridge.

This structural marvel (the bridge, not the boys) was begun in 2010. Originally slated for a 2015 open, it is finally going to be available to the public just a couple of weeks from now in August, 2021. The gorgeous lines and perfect shapes (the bridge and the boys) shimmered under the dramatic nighttime lighting, as fog machines added a touch of mystery. Check out the performance below.

This came just one day after BTS marked the TV debut of their new song, “Permission to Dance,” on The Tonight Show. Besides that, the group recently got a couple tablespoons of thanks from the American Butter Institute, who are thrilled to have their caloric product associated with seven men who probably never use it.