Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd has made the most of his time during the pandemic. Not only did he record a new album with his band, he became a fully certified phlebotomist, also known as a health professional who draws blood from patients for medical testing.

While speaking with SiriusXM host Eddie Trunk about Buckcherry’s recently released ninth studio album, Hellbound, Todd discussed the various activities he engaged in during lockdown. “I got into action. I’m not one that really sits around for too long. I never get on the pity potty. I just go, ‘Okay, what am I gonna do with this time? I’ve got all this time. How can I utilize it wisely?’ And making the Hellbound record was one of them.”

He went on to say that he participated in a lot of addiction recovery Zoom meetings and started playing tennis again. Then he spoke of his new medical profession, saying, “I learned a new trade, too. I became a certified phlebotomist during the lockdown, and I served L.A. County for four months out at a COVID clinic. So I did that, as well, after the Hellbound record was written. A lot of interesting things I did during the lockdown. But that was one of ’em.”


He added, “I went to a two-week program where you stick and you get stuck a lot by students. And then you’ve gotta take a national exam, and I did that, as well, and I passed that. And then you get out in the field and do your thing. And that’s what I did for, like I said, four months out in downtown L.A.; I worked at a COVID clinic. And it was interesting.”

The vocalist also said his interest in phlebotomy developed long before the pandemic, explaining, “I always go to Quest Diagnostics. I get my bloodwork annually there, because the best phlebotomists are there. I remember this one big, tall tattooed dude came out and drew my blood one time, and I literally didn’t even feel it; he was so good. And we started chatting, and I just became interested in it — a long time ago, way before the pandemic.”

As for music, Todd and Buckcherry are in the midst of an extensive North American tour in support of Hellbound that runs all the way into November. Tickets for many of the dates are currently available via Ticketmaster.