Camila Cabello returns today with “Don’t Go Yet,” her first new music in over a year. The latest single from the singer’s forthcoming album, Familia, is a striking dose of Latin-influenced pop, co-written by Cabello with Scott Harris, Ricky Reed, and Mike Sabath. Along with the track, Cabello has also shared its accompanying music video by Philippa Price and Pilar Zeta.

The campy visual for “Don’t Go Yet” feels pulled straight from an ’80s Pedro Almodóvar film, complete with an eccentric cast of characters, bold set design, and a few great dance sequences. In the track, Cabello teases a significant other: “Baby, don’t go yet, ’cause I wore this dress for a lil’ drama,” she sings over live percussion by the acclaimed Cuban drummer Pedrito Martinez. Check out the video below.

“When it was time to get back in the studio I was like, ‘Okay, I want to do this differently than I ever did it before.’ I want to just work with people that are my friends first and people that I build intimate relationships with and I want to do it in an intimate way,” Cabello told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about returning to music.


She added, “So I became close with Scott Harris who was a frequent collaborator of Shawn’s. I was like, ‘Hey, do you want to write together?’ And it started off, he and I, in my bedroom in my house in Miami. And then we brought it over to LA and we brought along Mike Sabath and Ricky Reed and then we made this song.”

Cabello’s last album, Romance, arrived in 2019; its follow-up, Familia, is set to arrive soon (date TBA). You can also catch Cabello as Cinderella in an upcoming fairytale adaptation for Amazon Prime Video, premiering this September.