Glenn Danzig has announced the theatrical release date for his upcoming vampire Spaghetti Western, Death Rider in the House of Vampires.

In a post on his Facebook, Danzig said that the film will hit select theaters across the United on August 27th. There will also be advance screenings in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. More details are coming soon, according to the post.

Danzig’s second original feature-length film had been announced a while ago, but a release date had no been revealed until now. We previously saw the morbidly hilarious NSFW trailer, which starred Danzig in his central role as the character Bad Bathory.

The veteran rocker wrote, directed, scored, and stars in the upcoming film alongside the likes of Devon Sawa, Julian Sands, Danny Trejo, Eli Roth, and Kim Director. It follows the Death Rider (Sawa), who travels to the desert Vampire Sanctuary, ruled by Count Holliday. The price of admission is “one untouched virgin.”


The trailer’s bloodthirst and gunslinging recalls Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s horror shoot-em-up From Dusk Till Dawn. Danzig previously helmed the “batshit ridiculous” horror anthology film Verotika.

On the music front, Danzig recently performed at Rock Fest in Wisconsin, fronting his eponymous band. He called it a “killer time” on Facebook and thanked the legions of fans who witnessed the set.

Revisit the Death Rider trailer and watch a clip of Danzig performing “Mother” at Rock Fest below.