Consequence is back with CREATV University to shine a light on the mysteries of finding success in entertainment, tech, and media. Today, we’re joined by a number of industry insiders to discuss how to make the most of the streaming era.

The on-demand world of entertainment, media, and technology can be hard to keep up with, and it’s equally as difficult to try and predict how it will change and transform. In 2021, every way of consuming media — whether it be news, music, TV, or film — has its advantages and disadvantages for both creators and consumers. The rise of streaming has given us new ways to market products, causing a major shift in all industries. Breaking into the media world this way came make you famous overnight or leave you stuck in the crowd.

So, for this week’s set of CREATV U videos, we’re sharing three clips of industry professionals dissecting the ways streaming has changed the media landscape. They’ll lend their thoughts on how it has affected production, how it’s created opportunities for cross-platform content, how to break new artists in the age of streaming, and how to make the most of it all.


Watch discussions with award-winning filmmaker and playwright Alice Austen, Nettwerk Music Group A&R Rachel Cragg, and media and tech journalist at Forbes Dawn Chmielewski. Then come back to Consequence every other week for more insights from CREATV University.