Good news for Dexter fans: Debra Morgan is returning from the dead. Sort of.

After her character was infamously killed off in Dexter’s 2013 series finale, Jennifer Carpenter is reprising her role for Showtime’s upcoming revival of the serial killer drama. If you’ll recall (spoiler), Deb was murdered by serial killer Oliver Saxon in the final episode of Dexter’s original iteration, which prompted some critics to call it “the worst series finale ever.”

Helmed by original showrunner Clyde Phillips, Showtime’s 10-episode revival of Dexter occurs nearly a decade after where we left off, with the titular character now living under an anonymous alias in a fictional Upstate New York town. Michael C. Hall will be returning as the show’s protagonist, with Clancy Brown, Julia Jones, Alano Miller, Johnny Sequoyah, and Jack Alcott also starring.

And Carpenter isn’t the only killed-off character we’ll be meeting again: John Lithgow will also be returning to his role as Trinity Killer. Showtime hasn’t yet disclosed why Carpenter and Lithgow are bringing their characters back, but so far, it’s been widely assumed we’ll see them in flashbacks. The Dexter revival is set to air sometime this fall; stay tuned here for more information as we hear it.