20th Century Studios has unveiled the trailer for Ridley Scott’s upcoming historical drama The Last Duel. Take a look below.

The film stars Jodie Comer, Matt Damon, Adam Driver, and Ben Affleck, and follows the story of a woman in medieval France who accuses her husband’s best friend and squire of raping her, resulting in a duel to the death between the two men.

“I am risking my life for you!” Damon’s Jean de Carrouges whispers menacingly when confronting his wife, Comer’s Marguerite de Carrouges. She snaps back, “You are risking my life so you can save your pride.”

Later in the trailer a priest warns Comers Marguerite, “The penalty for bearing false witness is that you are to be burned… alive.” Her reply: “I will not be silent.”

Based on the 2004 book The Last Duel: The True Story of a Trial by Combat in Medieval France by Eric Jager, the movie marks Damon and Affleck’s first onscreen reunion since appearing together in 2004’s Jersey Girl. In addition to their onscreen roles, the best buddies — who an Academy Award together in 1998 for Good Will Hunting — also serve as co-writers on the flick’s script alongside Nicole Holofcener.


The Last Duel will premiere in theaters October 15th.

While Affleck has been making headlines recently thanks to his rekindled romance with Jennifer Lopez and appearing as Batman in Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League, Damon spent the early days of the pandemic living in a remote Irish village and recording a PSA on COVID-19 along with the other stars of 2011’s Contagion.

Meanwhile, Driver just attended the Cannes Film Festival for the premiere of his big screen Sparks musical Annette with Marion Cotillard. Next up for Comer is a reprisal of her role as Villanelle in the final season of BBC’s Killing Eve.