Meet Me @ the Altar dropped their latest single, “Brighter Days (Are Before Us).”

In the music video for the sunny track, the all-female pop-punk outfit run through the song inside an abandoned airplane decked out with flowers, foliage and all kinds of faux flora. “I always thought there was a world coming after me/ Stuck with the short end of the stick/ I went ahead and just believed that I could never be/ A person with a purpose/ But brighter days are before us,” frontwoman Edith Johnson sings over Téa Campbell’s crunchy guitar and Ada Juarez on drums.

“‘Brighter Days (Are Before Us)’ is one of the ups in life where things are starting to shape up,” the trio shared in a statement. “If our upcoming EP Model Citizen was a movie, ‘Brighter Days’ would be the scene where everything in life is still good right before it all hits the fan. We were so excited to work with a female director, Sydney Ostrander, for the music video and the lighting in the airplane we filmed inside perfectly reflects the meaning of the song.”

Watch the video for Meet Me @ the Altar’s “Brighter Days (Are Before Us)” after the jump.

Model Citizen is set to be released August 13th and will also include previously-released lead single “Feel a Thing.” Following their major label debut, the ladies will be heading out on a lengthy North American tour supporting the likes of All Time Low; nothing,nowhere; and Coheed and Cambria and The Used, as well as a stop at Chicago’s Riot Fest in September. Get tickets here.