Mel Gibson Seen Saluting Dear Leader

Sieg heil!

donald trump mel gibson salute ufc 264
Donald Trump (photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images) and Mel Gibson (photo via Tinseltown/Shutterstock)

    When Donald Trump entered the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for UFC 264 over the weekend, he was greeted by a chorus of “U-S-A” to drown out the scattered boos. But one other attendee gave the ex-POTUS a special hailing, as video shows Mel Gibson saluting Trump as he walked to his seat.

    Saturday’s headline bout between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirer drew a star-studded crowd, bringing out everyone from Dave Chappelle to Justin Bieber. Trump’s attendance wasn’t terribly surprising, as UFC head Dana White is his longtime friend, and Irish national/ultimate heel McGregor once called the head of a recently indicted organization a “phenomenal” president. And to be fair, events like UFC are unifying regardless of political affiliation.

    Still, watching Gibson, a man known for his bigoted and crazed outbursts, give such a flamboyantly honorary salute to a man who bragged about being twice impeached and ostensibly encouraged the Capitol insurrection is pretty encapsulating of… well, a lot of bad crap.


    Twitter reacted accordingly, noting that neither Trump nor Gibson ever served in the military and calling for the re-cancelation of the seemingly endlessly canceled actor. At least the noted anti-Semite and homophobe didn’t extend his right arm into the air and go full Sieg Heil.

    Watch video of the groan-worthy salute and read some of the reactions below (via UPROXX).

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