Kirk Hammett and Rob Trujillo joined modern jazz master Kamasi Washington for a cover of Metallica’s “My Friend of Misery” at the saxophonist’s Los Angeles concert this past weekend (July 18th).

Washington welcomed the two metal icons to the stage for the extended jazz version of “The Black Album” song. A testament to Hammett and Trujillo’s musical skills, the thrashers fit right in with the large jazz ensemble, who handle the Metallica track like true professionals.

Unfortunately, all we have to go on is a phone recording, but it sounds like Washington’s band effortlessly adapted the song to the jazz format. Soloists trade off, like usual, with Hammett and Trujillo holding down their parts and guiding the way. Trujillo seemed to especially have a good time, wearing the same jubilant facial expressions he does during Metallica shows.


The appearances by Hammett and Trujillo weren’t out of left field, as Washington also recorded a studio version of “My Friend of Misery” for the massive Metallica Blacklist charity compilation featuring over 50 artists covering songs from the iconic metal band’s “Black Album.” Metallica are also celebrating the 30th anniversary of the 1991 mega-selling LP with a massive deluxe reissue. Both the compilation and the reissue arrive on September 10th. Additionally, the band also released a “Black Album” edition of their Blackened American Whiskey.

Watch Metallica’s Kirk Hammett and Rob Trujillo perform “My Friend of Misery” with Kamasi Washington below.