Eight months after his untimely passing, MF Doom is getting a street named after him in his hometown of Long Beach, New York.

According to HipHopDX, a petition to name one block of East Hudson Street between Riverside Boulevard and Long Beach Road was organized by Dr. Patrick C. Graham — a former classmate who attended Long Beach High School with the late rapper — on behalf of a larger collective calling themselves the KMD-MF DOOM Way Committee.

“I had several community members contact me to see if I could get engaged with it,” Dr. Graham told the outlet, adding, “I used to run the Martin Luther King Center there, so I still have a close connection to the community. I was born and raised there, went to high school with Dumile. So I said give me a minute and I’ll craft a letter to the City Council based on how I see it and then converted that letter into a petition. The group said they loved it and we moved forward.”

“I’m just happy this is happening because it’s not only a victory for Dumile’s legacy, but it’s also about showing that community our generation,” he continued of the now-approved effort to honor the musician. “It is a way for people to see a symbol of our generation and our impact, particularly in a community that’s gentrifying pretty fast.”


Long Beach City Manager Donna M. Gayden also spoke about the British-American rapper’s legacy, saying he “left an indelible mark on the music industry and on the lives of people across the globe. Long Beach is proud to bestow this honor in his memory and proud that he called our City home.”

Born Daniel Dumile, the underground hip-hop artist passed away October 31 from unknown causes. However, his death wasn’t made public until two months later in a social media statement by his wife, which was later confirmed by his representative.

Posthumously, MF Doom was featured with Your Old Droog on “Dropout Boogie,” the pair’s collab off the latter’s surprise 2021 album TIME. The Avalanches also shared the rapper’s remix of “Tonight May Have to Last Me All My Life” back in June.