How mxmtoon Copes with Anxiety and Depression

Young musician embraces identity as a person who struggles with mental illness

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Going There with Dr. Mike with mxmtoon, photo by Cesar Balcazar

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    Maia, the artist known as mxmtoon, joins Dr. Mike Friedman on the Going There podcast to share her struggle with anxiety and depression.

    The Dawn and Dusk musician describes feeling anxious her whole life, and particularly experiencing panic attacks in situations such as flying on a plane. She also explains how she suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder, in which she would regularly experience depressive symptoms as winter approached and until spring came.


    Along the way, mxmtoon talks about the various coping strategies she utilizes, including medication, exercise, meditation and therapy. And one of the things that she particularly talks about is how we can challenge the stigma of mental illness within ourselves by showing ourselves basic compassion and kindness. Mental illness is part of who we are and how we understand our lives. As she puts it, if we can accept that idea, it will help us not feel like our life is on hold or that we lose our identity when we struggle with mental health issues.

    We may feel broken. But we are not broken. So let’s go there and check out what mxmtoon has to say!

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