As new television and film streaming services pop up left and right, long-running platforms like Netflix are seeking new ways to grow their offerings in an increasingly-saturated market. Soon enough, video games can be added to your “Netflix and chill” lineup: The streaming giant announced this week that they’ve hired Mike Verdu as its new vice president of game development as part of a new venture to offer video games on its platform. Verdu has previously held executive positions at both Facebook and Electronic Arts.

No word yet on exactly what video games Netflix customers will receive, but Bloomberg reports that they are set to debut “within the next year.” They’ll appear alongside your current film and TV options as a genre, the way you can swipe through comedy films or documentaries on your Netflix page. Currently, the streamer isn’t planning to charge extra for the video game content, although this could signal a price increase in the not-too-distant future.

With the recent WarnerMedia-Discovery merger and MGM’s sale to Amazon, some are speculating that a similar business deal could be in the cards for Netflix. Video games aren’t the only new addition coming soon, either: Last week, it was announced that the company had hired their first Head of Podcasts, N’Jeri Eaton.


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