Out of the ashes of their buzz band Suspect208, Noah Weiland (son of late Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland) and Tye Trujillo (son of Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo) have formed a new group called Blu Weekend. The new outfit made its live debut on June 27th at the iHollywood Film Fest after-party at the Woman’s Club of Hollywood.

The young Weiland and Trujillo made headlines late last year when it was revealed they had formed the band Suspect208 with Slash’s son London Hudson on drums and guitarist Niko Tsangaris. After a promising start, the band quickly parted ways with Weiland, citing a “dark path of drug use” and “many instances of blow-ups.” Suspect208 continued on with new singer Cody Houston, but eventually revealed in May that they had broken up completely.

Now, Weiland and Trujillo have teamed up with drummer Jackson Morris and guitarist Anthony Laurie to form Blu Weekend. In a video interview with The Blairing Out With Eric Blair Show prior to their debut performance, all four musicians talked about the formation of the band and its musical direction.


When asked to compare the sound to Suspect208, Weiland insisted that Blu Weekend is “something completely new and groundbreaking.” Trujillo added, “I guess we have more of a punk vibe. What we’re gonna play tonight is gonna be more of a punk vibe to it. Cause we’re gonna play a song ‘Shark Attack,’ playing one of Noah’s old songs. So, it should be pretty fun.”

Trujillo famously filled in for Korn’s Fieldy on a handful of shows in 2017 when he was 12 years old. With Fieldy recently announcing that he was taking a hiatus from the band after falling back on “bad habits,” Trujillo was asked if he was interested in stepping in for the bassist on the upcoming Korn tour. “If they’re interested, I’m obviously more than down to go play with them.”

Meanwhile, the other half of Suspect208, Hudson and Tsangaris, have formed a new band of their own called S8NT ELEKTRIC.

Watch Tye Trujillo, Noah Weiland, and the rest of Blu Weekend discuss the new band on The Blairing Out With Eric Blair Show below, followed by Heavy Consequence’s own interview with Suspect208 from late last year.