Vanilla Ice has drawn the wrath of PETA after booking a concert at SeaWorld San Antonio this weekend.

The 90’s rapper is scheduled to headline the latest edition of SeaWorld’s “Electric Ocean” concert series on Saturday, July 10th.

On Thursday, however, PETA issued a public rebuke of Vanilla Ice, and called on “would-be ticket buyers to skip all of SeaWorld’s shows, from the sad dolphin displays to the throwback concerts.”

In a statement titled, “Vanilla Ice Will Finally Attract a Crowd – of PETA Protestors,” the organization’s president, Ingrid Newkrik, said: “Only someone with an ice-cold heart would support SeaWorld, where dolphins are forcibly impregnated and lockdown never ends for the animals imprisoned there. PETA is urging everyone to stay away from Vanilla Ice’s show and SeaWorld’s other sorry excuses for entertainment.”

Members of PETA plan to protest outside of the venue with signs that include messages like, “Warning: Vanilla Ice Supports Dolphin Sexual Abuse!”

In Vanilla Ice’s defense, it’s not like he’s swarmed with appealing opportunities these days. His two most previous high-profile shows were a gig in Texas during the heart of the pandemic (which was ultimately canceled), and an appearance at Donald Trump’s New Year’s Eve Party alongside Mike Love of The Beach Boys.


Vanilla Ice also isn’t the only artist scheduled to appear at SeaWorld in the upcoming weeks. Also on the docket are such musical luminaries as Jesse McCartney, 38 Special, Air Supply, and Blue Oyster Cult.