The xx broke out with indie rock so sparse it sounded black and white, but their last album I See You (2017) introduced bright neon techniques cribbed from hip-hop and EDM. Now, co-founder Romy has combined the approaches with “You’re Not Alone in the Rhythm of the Night,” a simple acoustic performance that remixes two songs together.

Built from parts of Olive’s “You’re Not Alone” and Corona’s “The Rhythm of the Night,” Romy’s new cover is a stirring statement to those feeling lost and afraid. She recorded the track for Apple Music’s Home Session for Pride, and in a press release she said she chose these tunes because they remind her of “when I was about 17 and started going to Gay bars in London.” She explained,

“I’ve combined two songs into this cover, Olive – ‘You’re Not Alone’ and Corona – ‘The Rhythm of the Night,’ both songs remind me of when I was about 17 and started going to Gay bars in London. The lyrics of “You’re Not Alone” resonate with the feeling of community I found in those bars and clubs and the friends I made and treasure to this day. I still love dancing to “The Rhythm of the Night” and I’ve always loved the lyrics and melody. It was fun to strip these dance songs down to their core and still feel so much emotion from them. I loved recording this with my very inspiring friend Marta Salogni at her studio in London.”


As part of the same release, Romy has also included an acoustic version of her recent solo single “Lifetime,” as well as a stripped-down version of The xx’s 2012 hit “Angels.” Check out those tracks, as well  as “You’re Not Alone in the Rhythm of the Night,” below, and stay tuned for more information about her upcoming debut solo album.